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ABOUT: Quality Policy: We at Varnam Traders believe in providing products & Services and this Philosophy is reflected at every stage - right from manufacturing till delivery. Our aim is to respond to our customer ever changing needs in the most cost-effective way... Technical Support:- We can provide you ..
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SUMMARY: Before Use, shake the can vigorously and allow the agitator ball rattle. Continue to shake the can for altleast two ar three minutes. This assures that the paint is thoroughly mixed with the solvents and propellant, and hence can sprays on its label ccoated color.During use, the can should be occasionaly shaken to ensure that the paints stays throughly lixed at all times. For efficent working of the Aerosol Spray Paint clear the spary nozzle after each use. This could be done by turning the can upside down and pressing the spray nozzle. This clears the paint left in the spray nozzle and the dip tube. The color of the spray becomes clear when the spray nozzle has been adequately cleared. Surface has to be free of oil, dust, rust and grease. Mask the areas not to be painted. Roughen the surface slightly, Apply Primer, Shake can well before use and check spray pattern. Three to four coats are sufficent for normal touch up jobs. Pressurized container protects from Sun light & do not expose..