ABOUT: Soft Ventures is a limited liability company, and its internal ultimate authority is the Board of Directors. The General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management. The main departments include the Engineering Dept, Production Dept., General Manager's Office, Sales Dept., Dept. of ..
TITLE: Soft Ventures East Africa
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SUMMARY: Soft Ventures East African Limited offers you a wide range of products which are centered at helping manage and secure your vehicle. The company has the proficiency to ensure that all your fleet management and other tracking needs are satisfied. We also have accurate fuel sensors with accuracy of 99% and above thereby reducing fuel theft, hence low fuel costs and expenditure to the employer.. Through out the year we continue to bring new, exciting technology out of box ideas... Back to Home. We are dealers in car and freight management software and vehicle GPS and Satellite tracking Systems, Human Tracking, CCTV and IP Surveillance Security Systems. Point of Sale Software, Guards Services, Private Investigator(P.I) Services,Risk Management Services,Security consultancy, Transit Cargo Escorts, Cargo Tracking. Copyright Softventure East Africa © 2012 - 2014 Soft Ventures East Africa Ltd. Privacy Statement | Disclaimer.