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ABOUT: I understand I need enough momentum and velocity of commerce to be suitable for Iris to even consider working with me on a mostly performance-based arrangement. But I feel there's a good possibility we're a match. Here's some basic background on me and my business. Call me either at my office or cel..
TITLE: BDC Joint Venturist
SUMMARY: Joint Ventures are a way to achieve top-line growth, higher profitability and enhance business success - meaning your reputation, your presence, the way your entity is perceived in the marketplace - all dramatically enhanced because of the relationship. BDC's Insider's Guidance to Engineering Highly Successful Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Other Lucrative Host-Beneficiary Relationships. Capitalize on Income and Revenue Producing Opportunities that Joint Venturing and Strategic Alliances Offer. Work for a company that they want to stay with, but one that they also want to make a lot more money from. Want to make a ton of money as a middle person (man or woman). Want to acquire or become part of a profitable business of your own. Want to set up multiple ongoing, recurring income streams that work 24/7, so they can finally stop worrying so much about finances and stop working so hard for others. What are some of the benefits of forming a Joint Venture ? Joint Ventu..