ABOUT: Hello and welcome to Hallmark Youthcare. It is our pledge that youth placed in the residential program and families served through our community-based services will be given the best possible care, treatment, and education that we feel every child adolescent and family deserves. We are proud to say ..
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SUMMARY: A Virginia, D.C. and Maryland Medicaid Provider. Tricare TRICARE Approved. Hallmark Youthcare | 12800 West Creek Parkway, Richmond VA 23238 | email: info@hallmarksystems.com info@hallmarksystems.com. Website designed and developed by K Art and Design, Inc.

12800 West Creek Parkway Richmond, VA 23238

Gayzelle Eggleston Thoma, Program Director
Gayzelle Eggleston Thoma s, BS has over 27 years of experience in Mental Health, Juvenile Corrections and Rehabilitation fields. She has worked in the public and private sectors in residential treatment programs and community-based corrections. Mrs. Thomas began her career as a Juvenile Correctional Officer for the Virginia State Department of Juvenile Justice and has served as a Correctional Rehabilitation Counselor, Special Placement Counselor, Intensive In-home Counselor and an After School Counselor. As the Residential Program Director she focuses her attention to maintaining a safe and structured environment for the residents and helping them to achieve their goals.

M.ED, Education Coordinator; Director
Lynn Quash, M.ED has served as Education Coordinator/Director for the past seven years She has a B.S. in business education from Norfolk State University and a M.E.d in Curriculum and Instruction - Administration. Prior to joining the team at Hallmark, she served for over 14 years as a teacher and Education Coordinator at a residential treatment center in the Tidewater area. In addition, she has been an instructor at the community college level. Mrs. Quash was educated at Norfolk State University and The George Washington University. Mrs. Quash enjoys being with her students and daily seeks to have them leave the school with some information or understanding that they did not have when they arrived. This is a challenging task that she does not take lightly. She believes it is a pleasure to work with children and be a part of their growth and maturation.

Mario Gomez, Medical Director
Mario Gomez, MD joined Hallmark Youthcare in 1993 and has served as the Medical Director since 2010. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Eastern Virginia Medical School and Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Gomez is Board Certified and specializes in neurodevelopment, trauma, and addiction disorders. He has a special interest in pharmacotherapy and values the history taking and slow medication management for all diagnostic categories.

As Medical Director, Dr. Gomez, oversees the medical staff at Hallmark and all assessment and clinical treatment programs. He provides Hallmark staff with sound and clear direction in order to promote best practices while serving the youth with his expertise in diagnosing, pharmacological management and innovative thinking.