ABOUT: A Hand-held device at the size of a car remote control. Carried by the child. Passive, without the ability to switch on/off. Spottix™ is offered with/without panic button.
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SUMMARY: Spottix™ enables parents to track their children's location directly from their mobile phone via receiving a map clip with the child's exact location, including address, from anywhere around the globe to everywhere, providing there is cellular coverage. Spottix™ displays on the mobile handset an ordinary map, satellite photographs and any other media currently existing on the market without the need for an additional software on the mobile. Spottix™ system is secured, and embedded a strong Data Rights Management system, which enables only the parents, or any of those approved by them in a dedicated process, to receive the requested information. Elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer and are being monitored by Spottix™, use a dedicated feature which alerts family members on leaving of the nearby surroundings and follows them and reports to family members at any given time as to their whereabouts. Spottix™ uses the Google database as part of an agreement with Google including changing the grid or satellite map up to a few meters accuracy. A Hand-held device at the size of a car remote control. Carried by the child. Passive, without the ability to switch on/off. Spottix™ is offered with/without panic button. A command and control call-centre system which controls and monitors the hand-held devices and is in constant contact using GPRS with all hand-held units and lists the hand-held whereabouts in the database every 10 minutes. A web enabled secured and dedicated system is available for users 24/7, whereby parents or any authorised user can access and receive information on the child's or elder's whereabouts over the last 10 hours., a featured mostly needed in cases of losing children. The Spottix-K (child tracking) system is activated via cellular handsets and allows the viewing (and monitoring) of a child's location via a parent's mobile phone using a "map-clip" whenever a parent requests the service using abbreviated dialing to locate the unit the child is carrying. A strong sophisticated information management system (Data Right Management) allows only the parent (or other authorized person) to receive information. In addition, the system enables parents to monitor the child's location at any time and to see the child's movement over the previous 10 hours - in increments of 8 minutes (or other time increments according to request). This option is designed in the event that the hand-held device does not respond, however the system records the location of the child every 8 minutes. If the device does not answer to the eighth minute - the system alerts parents via SMS. Check out the animations on the right hand side! May 2009 Spottix secured initial investment from private investors. June 2009 Spottix recieved funding from Tnufa program,Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, Office of the Chief Scientist. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Site Design:

Dr Miriam Ovnat, President; Director

Igal Levin, Investor; Member of the Board

Ilan Arbel, Communication Engineer; Founder
Ilan Arbel, communication engineer, holds an MSc. in science and has additional education in physics, book-keeping, international contracts and Art. Ilan Started his technical career in the elite R&D department of the Israeli Air Force (1976 - 1985). During that time, Ilan was involved in dramatic technology initiatives which earned him 2 awards: The Israeli Defense technology award (from the Israeli President); The second was the Israeli Defense technology award from the Chief of the Israeli Defense Force's Intelligence Command. During his carrier Ilan served in high positions with Tadiran and Alvarion, and was one of the pioneers that built up Nexus and Teleknowledge.

Reuven Gerstel, Member of the Board

Roni Einav, Investor; Member of the Board; Founder and General Manager of Einav High - Tec Assets Ltd
Mr. Einav is the founder and General Manager of Einav High-Tec Assets Ltd., an investment company focused on technology ventures. As one of the first entrepreneurs in the Israeli High Tech industry, Mr. Einav founded the New Dimension Ltd in 1983 - a company that developed and marketed system management software solutions for high-end enterprises. Einav served at the company as an active Chairman until it was acquired by BMC Software in 1999. He founded approximately more than a dozen software companies, including Liraz Computers, Jacada, Axxana, rediView,CeDimension, ComDa, Einav Computer Systems, Einav Systems and Eurekify Ltd. In the case of Eurekify, Mr. Einav also takes the active role of a board member and chairman. Einav serves on the board of directors of two public companies: ClickSoftware [NASDAQ] and Advantec [TASE], private companies such as XciTel, Impactia, M-Photo and Gimao and on the advisory board of Xenia - (also a public company

Shlomo Gilis, Investor; Member of the Board