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ABOUT: Calira International parades a crew of high calibre Univesity graduates who upon their incomparable likeness for job; double as Scaffolding instructors and Scaffolding superintendents; bridging the wide gap between the expensive foreign expatriates in the Scaffolding profession and more than 95% unl..
SUMMARY: PICK UP YOUR FORM FOR THE SCAFFOLDING INSPECTORS' TRAINING COMING UP IN MARCH 2012, HURRY NOW. CALIRA INTERNATIONAL SCAFFOLDING instructors are seasoned instructors of distinguished professional expertise; superlative brilliance and merit; matching theory with practice drink for drink. The one touch solution-provider to all scaffolding and scaffold-related problems. The choice when safety standard in practice and cost-effectiveness supersede all orther pairing parameters. CALIRA international; equipping the world with the technology for converting the sky into a safe work place.