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ABOUT: A strong, healthy smile... An unshakable confidence... An unforgettable first impression... A lasting, individualized expression... That's our vision for each of our patients and our focus in all of our dental work. We start by taking a comprehensive look at your dental health, using the latest tech..
TITLE: Smiles by Soileau
SUMMARY: Dr. Soileau and his staff welcome new patients into their practice every day. See how we have improved some of our patients' smiles up close and personal. Snoring is something we often make fun of in our society. Loud, gurgling noises all night long. But it isn't funny to the person trying to sleep next to you. And what it's doing to your body at night is. Continue reading >. Many people have missing teeth. Let's face it, twenty years ago the most common treatment for a large cavity or a painful tooth was to remove it. So now there are many people with missing teeth that are embarrassed by. Continue reading >. There are several problems that can cause headaches. These problems can include migraines, sinuses, TMJ, etc. We tend to call any really bad headache a migraine and seek treatment for a migraine disorder. A migraine is a blood pressure disorder. Continue reading >. I treat many patients who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or Obstructive Sleep Disorder. Time and again I hear ..