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SUMMARY: Your family safety is important to you and to us! Call (913) 203-1643. Have you got a fireplace in your home? If so, then you would agree that nothing compares to the warmth and coziness that it brings into the house. However, the chimney can be the source of big trouble if it is not correctly inspected and maintained. It is not recommended that you do this by yourself, since, as every job, chimney maintenance requires special skills. Rather you should seek the services of a professional chimney sweep. Rely on Chimney Masters, the number one chimney & fireplace cleaner in Overland Park KS to provide this service for you. If you don't have the proper training and you attempt to handle your chimney issues on your own, then you would be exposing yourself to the risk of injury or even worse. Your family's safety is important, to you. and to us! Chimney Repair Chimney Masters has been providing chimney cleaning services in Overland Park KS since 1994. Every chimney cleaner on our team has proven his abilities by delivering excellent results each and every time. Our workmanship is outstanding, therefore we complete our duties in a prompt and proficient fashion. We use the latest equipment which allows us to do our job excellently. Our numerous satisfied customers can confirm that we are the best in the business. The burning of wood produces creosote inside chimney, and this is the main cause of chimney fires. Creosote is very combustible and, if not cleaned regularly, can bring about a disaster. It is extremely difficult to curb and quench chimney fires. The wisest thing you can do is call a chimney sweep to perform a thorough chimney cleaning. Chimney Masters in Overland Park KS can help. Chimnay cleaner We can maintain and repair your Overland Park, KS chimney regularly. The inspections have to be done once a year in order for your chimney to be safe and to function properly. Our chimney checks are expert as well as complete. We utilize modern methods of inspection - we use video cameras to identify the problems in hard-to-reach areas. This does not mean that we do not do the classic chimney sweep as well, when needed. This is not an easy job and not everybody, even professionals, can do it properly. When you decide to use our service, you will receive more than the rest can provide. You will get a detailed check and diagnosis of the issue. We will also offer the solution. In addition, we will supply you with useful chimney accessories such as caps and top sealing damper controls. They are installed to keep the birds from building nests and the detritus from accumulating inside of your chimney. We provide a guarantee for all the accessories. It is not possible to buy these items from professionals who are not licensed. Chimney Masters in Overland Park, KS offers the most thorough chimney repair and maintenance services as well as fireplace cleaning services. The experts on our team have the best tools as well as the knowledge to do a superb job. Befo..

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