ABOUT: Optimized IT Solutions Inc. is a provider of IT consulting services that focuses on the optimization of the modern data center. The company was created by a team of experienced IT consultants and architects that previously worked for one of the largest business/infrastructure consulting firms global..
TITLE: Optimized IT
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SUMMARY: "Connectivity and utilization of both private and public clouds, along with enterprise computing, is the key to an optimized and dynamic IT infrastructure.". "...As the complexity of the data center grows and business demands more from IT, optimization of processes, people and infrastructure is critical.". "A dynamic infrastructure should look at improving service,reducing costs and managing risks by optimizing key technologies and processes utilized in the data center.". Optimized IT Solutions is a USA-based technology consulting firm providing services in areas such as project management, Cloud Computing, IT/Data Center Optimization, ITIL Process Implementantion, Server Consolidation and staff augmentation. By partnering with OIS, you will receive the expertise and experience of seasoned IT professionals that can increase your ROI while also increasing efficiency and reducing your IT Spend, Learn more about OIS and how our services and experience will help enhance value creation for your organization. OIS was founded by former Global Services executive Moonish Badaloo in 2009 as a need was identified for experienced and innovative IT Consultants, Architects and specialists.While most consulting firms were focusing on "Factory" type solutions, a void was created where true consultng skills previously existed. OIS is setup to fill that void by offering the most experiencced consulting team available... Read more.

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