ABOUT: ILINK Employment Partners was established in 2010. We are a full service employment group with a passion for helping willing individuals achieve their career goals. ILINK E.P. provide training and development to people from all walks of life. We provide our clients with an affordable partner package..
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SUMMARY: © Copyright ILINK Employment Partners 2014. All rights reserved. ILINK is a leader in the staffing and workforce solutions industry with one focus in mind YOU! We equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in the current job market. We are a committed provider in staffing solutions for Administrative, Industrial, Medical, call center, IT, accounting and clerical positions. Our goal is to provide the career seeker and the employer with the best and efficient opportunities available. We analyze candidate skill sets and evaluate their short and long term career goals. This way, we can place the candidate in a position where they'll thrive. Whether you want to further your education or obtain employment after being released from prison please give us a call we want to get you on the path to obtaining your career goals. With our expert industry knowledge, unwavering commitment to customer service, and extended network of contacts, our recruiters give you the best recruiting experience in the market today. Need help writing a competitive winning resume? Just graduated college, recently released from incarceration no worries we have a network of partners from many different industries and back grounds who are willing to partner with us in creating jobs, training and service to individuals who are seriously seeking careers. Eliminate the stress in your job search stop looking for employment just to obtain a pay check we want to help you reach your dreams. ILINK believes that you can achieve your career goals and we have the resources to get you where you desire to be. ILINK offers a wide range of partnering solutions. Whether you are an individual looking for training and employment, and / or staffing needs for your company or organization we are here for you! You can become a Virtual Partner with us and have our professionals take care of everyday business needs for a low cost. Link with us today for more info! We want to find permanent and happy solutions for you that collectively address your career goals and business needs. We have a strong network of business partners and affiliates that are willing to assist in the process of locating your passion. We all know someone who is looking for employment. The best thing we can do as friends is keep our eyes and ears open. If you have any recommendations, please send us an email via our contact page and a representative will contact you should your person be a good candidate for our program. So, come partner with industry professionals and lets take your business or career to the next level. ILINK does not believe in recession as a setback, but an opportunity to rise.