ABOUT: This truth came to light after working closely with community development groups and diversity directors in Pittsburgh. Community based development groups most pressing issue is cash flow. The monetary contributions community development groups receive is derived from public funds. Public funds such..
TITLE: Talented Tenths Investments
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SUMMARY: The investment strategy of Talented Tenths Investments is multi-leveled to accommodate the needs of our valued customers. Talented Tenths Investments takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously and tailors each client’s investment portfolio to their risk profile. The Corporate Community Program is simple. Whenever Talented Tenths Investments receives an investment using public funds the client can select a non-profit of their choice to have investment management service pro-bono. Talented Tenths Investments Inc. provides a low-cost investment portfolio management solution for government agencies, community groups, and non-profits with Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) requirements. Copyright © 2007 Talented Tenths Investments Inc. Terms of Use.

4800 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15289 USA

Robert A. Jordan, CEO; Founder
Mr. Jordan's main focus includes the revitalization of communities across the US starting withWestern, PA area. His work with non-profits and the City of Pittsburgh's Urban Redevelopment Authority have prepared him to take on task at hand. Mr. Jordan continously strives for improving financial literacy within himself and his company."The intricacies of the financial world are daunting, but armed with education, dedication, and a passion to help Talented Tenths investments will make at lasting impact in the community."