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ABOUT: Research Instruments Sdn Bhd was founded in 1989 with the objective to set a new standard in the distribution and support of scientific products in S.E. Asia. Today, Research Instruments is a clear leader in this field representing leading manufacturers in providing current and next-generation tools..
TITLE: Research Instruments
SUMMARY: International Medical Genetics Conference (IMGC) 2014. Our Life Science division offers a very wide range of tools for researchers in this field such as products for purification, detection and analysis of biological molecules, cells and tissues. We have the assays, reagents, kits, instrument systems, bioinformatics software, robotics and automation, backed up by training and support to provide real solutions. Our Material Science division offers a range of analytical instruments including thermal analysers, rheometers, microcalorimeters, thermal physical properties measurement systems, FT-IR, FT and dispersive Raman and NIR spectrometers. These instruments are found in a range of applications such as material characterisation, food analysis, life science applications, and other areas of material sciences. Our Chemical Analysis group offers a wide range of products for the analysis of elements to small molecules to bio-molecules. Our portfolio includes instruments and consumables for a..