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ABOUT: There are some good AMERICAN COMPANIES out there, but we are "THE" American company! If you want to compare us to anyone, it would be HIGH END lines such as Dr. Perricone, Peter Roth, Obagi, etc. that are sold through trained, independent Dermatologists. We are in direct competition with such hi-end..
TITLE: Jen's BC Jewels
SUMMARY: I began my journey with BeautiControl in March of 2014. I was a "Savvy Shopper" myself and quickly realized how lucrative this opportunity could be for me! As a mother of 4, I wanted to savor every moment of my children's lives while still helping my husband provide for our family. BeautiControl has allowed me to do this, as well as, create so many additional opportunities along the way. I have made lasting relationships and have been able to witness to so many lost women! ~ ~ FB: BeautiControlJen ~ Twitter: BeautiwithJen. We are excited that you are interested in BeautiControl! This website has everything you need to know About Us from Hosting a Spa Escape to Joining BeautiControl! Please look around, see what we have to offer, and enjoy! Are you interested in Hosting a Spa Escape? Find out what that means! Click on Hostess Rewards ! Are you curious about or interested in Joining BeautiControl? Or maybe you don't know what it means to "joi..