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ABOUT: There are so many different pieces of hardware that can be listed in the world of IT. Some of them are not specific for our computer, but they are indeed hardware that can be used in conjunction with our PC, these can include digital video cameras and digital still cameras, plus many other items suc..
TITLE: IT Solution
SUMMARY: Our computers would be hollow shells without hardware, which is why there are so many different components that make them up, resulting in many different forms of IT Hardware that you could buy and use with your computer. Hardware should not be confused with software. Software is a computer programme that will carry out a particular task on your computer, ranging from word processors, video editing, audio editing, spreadsheet processors, media players and much more. The easy way to know if something is software is if you use it but you cannot hold it in your hand (excluding an installation CD/DVD). Hardware on the other hand, refers to all of the components that you use with your computer that you can hold in your hands. It is possible to update, change or completely remove certain pieces of hardware from your computer. We can keep them up to date and ensure that the hardware we use is of the highest quality and capable of delivering the best results. There are so many different pieces..