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ABOUT: Premier Dining Innovations, LLC was established in 2008. PDI is a food manufacturing organization that specializes in the production of complete meal entrées. Our products are specifically designed to be marketed and sold in the convenience store and vending industries... Premier Dining Innovation..
TITLE: Premier Dining Innovations
SUMMARY: Premier Dining Innovations was established in 2008. Our goal is to produce made-from-scratch packaged entrees for the convenience store and vending industry in the home-meal-replacement category (HMR). Our culinary development team will customize products to ensure that we meet consumer demand in ingredient recipe, packaging and price point creating a consistent entree that you will be proud to serve your family of customers. Premier Dining Innovations produces high-quality entrees specifically designed for the C-store industry. This category allows the operator the ability to offer and market complete custom meals to the consumer once reserved for only the grocery and restaurant industries. Premier Dining Innovations delivers a wide variety of freshly prepared custom vending products. This product category allows an operator to offer choices to the consumer with an array of breakfast, lunch, snack and healthy alternative items. - - www.prem..