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ABOUT: CalFlame is another established company, founded in 1979 hailing from sunny California, with numerous products available for your outdoor refrigerator needs. Their website is fun, well laid out, and informative... We are a website that helps you find Refrigerator information for your Outdoor Refrig..
TITLE: Outdoor Refrigerator
SUMMARY: Outdoor Refrigerator Key Information Including Freezerless, Garage, Built In Wine and Undercounter Refrigerators. Find Information On All Your Small Refrigerators For Sale Here! Outdoor Refrigerator - A Few Highly Rated Products To Help You Make Your Next Purchase. The Outdoor Refrigerator is something a lot of us have considered purchasing over the years. While it may be hard to convince your significant other that you NEED another refrigerator, an outdoor model can really prove to be a practical investment, with a hint of luxury, depending on what model you choose. Plus, nothing says relief like grabbing a cold drink of your choice from the outdoor refrigerator after a long, hot day of yard work instead of walking through the house to retrieve one, dragging the remnants of whatever project has had your Outdoor Refrigerator attention. An outdoor refrigerator can also be a beautiful addition to your deck or patio that adds just the right touch, not to mention a great attention getter s..