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ABOUT: JPB Designs is a one man operation a creative genius that happen to love building brands and helping companies succeed with innovative ideas. Some people call what I do brand management, others call it marketing and advertising; I call it creative relationship building... A freelance graphic design..
TITLE: jpb designs
SUMMARY: A freelance graphic designer, JPB Designs specializes in creative design solutions that lead to increased exposure. Dealing directly with experienced and talented professionals, clients quickly recognize I work strategically and imaginatively. My goal is to drive people to your door. My philosophy is to focus on my strengths and being good at what we do. We don't believe in compromising on our beliefs or standards just to have more business. As a turnkey design agency, I offer a multitude of services including: brand management and logo design, packaging, collateral print services. I offer the right mix of creativity and expertise. Whether bundled together or done independently, we create outstanding solutions and materials that work. I happily will take the time to discuss your ideas, branding thoughts, and printing needs. Call us to set up a time to meet.