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ABOUT: For the last four years we have been developing our UrbanFarm project. This is a very simple method of growing vegetables and fruit in vertically hung bags, very useful if you have no access to land... Grow food at ultra-low cost when arable land is not available. Particularly useful when access to..
TITLE: Accessible Edibles
SUMMARY: This website contains all the information you will need to grow food at ultra-low cost when arable land is not available. It is particularly useful when access to water is limited. UrbanFarmĀ® grows vegetables and fruit in vertical bags but in a quite ingenious way. There will be a global population of 9 Billion by 2050 - currently (2013) we are over 7 Billion. Unemployment - Globally there will always be a degree of exponential population increase. There is a solution that has a common denominator to the above problems. The answer is labour intensive crop farming on sites other than existing arable land, utilising a simple growing method that can be temporarily sited (nomadic) and manned by trained (low skilled) urban farmers. They can either be self- employed or working in a not for profit Co-operative/Voluntary Sector/Charitable organisation or Entrepreneurial Enterprises. There is no mystery to "UrbanFarmĀ®" vertical ..