ABOUT: Jules Azzi studied in Mirecourt, the home of violin making in France. Upon graduation, Jules went to Paris to apprentice with expert and master restorer, Roger Lanne. From Paris he moved to New York City and to the firm of Jacques Francais, working with Rene Morel. Since that time Jules has refined ..
TITLE: Jules Azzi Fine Violins
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SUMMARY: Sometimes we are asked why a studio of our caliber relocated from New York City to Cincinnati. Cincinnati enjoys a rich musical heritage to be rivaled by few US cities. Throughout history most fine shops have been located in such cultured cities. Sadly, the move away from these cities seemed desirable in times when larger markets became available but resources were limited. Locating in large trade centers like New York or Chicago seemed the best option. With today's communications and travel, such locations are no longer critical. We are free to locate back to these beautiful cultural cities and still be in the midst of the trade. Cincinnati has regained a shop of the highest quality, as she deserves, and need not look to New York for a New York Luthier. Copyright ©2005 Jules Azzi Fine Violins. All rights reserved. | Privacy policy.

1400 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202-7517