ABOUT: Established in Chatsworth. CA Home Base. in 2009 The team at Pink Diamond Floral Design. Have been providing creative flower designs for their clients for 3 years. A very unique florist with all things chic. We specialize in weddings and special events. Our team is friendly and professional and our ..
TITLE: Pink Diamond Floral Design
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SUMMARY: Breathtaking Floral Designs for your events, weddings or parties with the attention to detail that will make your spread or venue unforgettable. Talk about "Wow Factor"! Our unique floral creations can truly make your day unique - our wide range of styles and concepts ensure a visually stunning & lusciously sensory experience. For those important celebrations, you want floral designs a cut above the ordinary. We can help you create the mood and quality you want for special occasions. At Pink Diamond Floral Design we custom-make everything to suit your taste and budget. We are a boutique florist who will follow your event personally from the first meeting to the post-event clear away. READ REVIEWS & POST REVIEWS FOR PINK DIAMOND FLORALS HERE.