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ABOUT: FieldCraft is responsible for the development of several commercially successful software projects, including a web menu builder that implements interoperable web menus that do not rely on Java & VBScript which are ultimately disabled by competent web surfers; a speed reading trainer that can help m..
TITLE: FieldCraft
SUMMARY: | Home | About us | Contact us | Site Map | Privacy | Security | Standards | Legal |. Cutting Edge Software Development & Geological Services. FieldCraft: cutting edge software solutions for all: Web Sergeant - the most robust & reliable web menu maker on the market and the only web menu software offering both interoperability and standards-compliance validation. Stretch - the most advanced speed reading software on the market and the only speed reading package based on recommendations made in peer reviewed literature. IQ-Power - the only scientific IQ test on the market that eliminates the influence of prior problem solving knowledge on the the outcome of the test. DrawBridge - Must have browser security package that stops most security threats by preventing the unauthorised launch of phantoms, virii, worms, spyware, browser hijackers, popups, and other security violations. Clear-It - the ultimate task manager:a utility that can be used to create the correct operating environment for ..