ABOUT: SRG is a client-focused firm that partners with employers who sponsor self-insured medical and disability plans to identify, pursue and recover money from third parties who are responsible for paying the claims... We are not about fancy words and fluff. We work hard for and with our clients, provid..
TITLE: Subrogation Resource Group
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SUMMARY: Thank you for interest in SUBROGATION RESOURCE GROUP. It is no secret that providing healthcare benefits to your employees is expensive. As a result, most medical plans are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs by partnering with companies that excel in their field. You may already be working with some great companies that administer your wellness programs, dependent audits, COBRA administration, flexible spending, open enrollment, and many other functions. The reason for this trend is clear. Companies that specialize develop the expertise needed to cost effectively manage a process, program or benefit. Is it time to partner with a company that specializes in finding claims that should. have been paid by a third party and returning the money to your plan? SRG is a full service subrogation firm that will maximize your medical and disability recoveries through: The level of expertise needed to administer subrogation and reimbursement claims on behalf of self-insured medical plans is unparalleled. There are several U.S. Supreme Court cases including the recent decision in US Airways v. McCutchen and hundreds of Federal appeal court decisions governing these claims. Therefore, you need a partner who understands ERISA and can handle your claims from beginning to the end, even if it requires help from the courts. Please explore our website or call us directly to learn about how we can assist you with your subrogation and reimbursement needs. Copyright 2013 Subrogation Resource Group, LLC. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy. 7727 Feder Rd, Galloway, OH 43119 | P: 614.314.7030 | F: 614.823.8222 |

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