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ABOUT: We, Vaidik Gyan Sansthan are a well known service provider of vedic consulting, veda consulting, vaidik services, vaidik classes, bhagwat geeta path, ramayan path, navgrah shanti, bhajan sandya, vaastu, meditation, yoga and astrology in India... Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, we are one of t..
SUMMARY: The list will extend to a never ending fold when it comes to note the problem, query and questions of unsatisfied souls. A mirage of materialism starts to hold position in the minds of all, since his/her evolution. Subsequently, it brings unbearable pain, isolation and ever lasting onus. Seeing this critical condition of human lives in dark, we, Vaidik Gyan Sansthan, have moved a step forward to shower the blessings of god through the divine services of Vedic Consulting, Veda Consulting, Bhagwat Geeta path, Ramayan Path, Meditation and Astrology. All of our services are very effective as they are offered in a pure and sublime way, finally resolving the large problems of devotees with satisfying solutions. Our mission is to create a better tomorrow, where one could feel the joy of his/her life. The route to redemption may only get clear through the passage of devotion, belief and trust. We understand the fact of mortality and also see everything to be delusive as a mirage. The matter wh..