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ABOUT: Since 1979, Well-Read has researched, designed, and presented the world's finest communications and leadership seminars. Contrary to the popular view that communication and leadership are "soft" skills, we assert the they are "hard," measurable, and essential if businesses are to succeed... Well-Re..
TITLE: Well-Read
SUMMARY: Seminars, books, speeches, and consulting services on language and communications. Well-Read Seminars are now available on your computer at your convenience in the privacy of your own office: no travel, no extra expenses (we supply all books, references, and supplies), no embarrassment, no preparation time. Enjoy the services of our top consultants, tailored to your unique requirements, anywhere in the world. info@well-read.com Email or call Dr. Phyllis Mindell at (202) 362-4338 today for a complimentary evaluation, quick tips and a program plan. "... the world's experts on professional communications". Dr. Mindell's books are now available in Arabic, Chinese, and German.


Dr. Phyllis Mindell, President
Dr. Phyllis Mindell founded and has led Well-Read since 1979, overseeing its growth into an international supplier of the world's finest communications seminars and leadership development programs. Well-Read's customers benefit from her commitment to me..