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ABOUT: Forbes Interior is a unique interior company, with its headquarters based in the heart of Lagos, with outlets in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu and is gradually expanding beyond the shores of Nigeria. With a wide experience covering various aspects of the industry and spanning several years, Forbes ..
TITLE: Forbes Interior
SUMMARY: I needed a kitchen with superior touch Forbes Interior gave me a kitchen beter than i expected. Well done. You guys made some very good stuff, I can't lie. I am impressed with everything and your staff did a good job. They assembled and polished everything, looks like the furniture has always been here. Forbes Interior definitely did a good job, you guys should be proud. Well for me Forbes Interior designed my entire living space including introducing bespoke furniture because of my peculiar space limitations. I have an open kitchen and living room space, and two bedrooms and I definitely didn't want the space being crowded by furniture. I wanted it clean, spartan, and functional, yet warm. Forbes Interior did exactly that. Building me a Sectional to fit my space, a coffee table, a lamp, chocolate furniture shelving for all my rooms, including vanity chest, a uniquely sized bed, that gives me room, while still having space for a long bedside table with deep drawers. They also painted m..