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TITLE: Sean McLaughlin
SUMMARY: I am Sean McLaughlin: Cloud Specialist, Musician, Duck Fancier, Helicopter Pilot, Marine. "The leveraging of existing "cloud" resources for the delivery of alternate datacenter compute, storage, and data recovery during a declared event.". Every business has a unique set of needs for DR. They may contain any/all of the following: Design, establishment and maintenance of your own hardware & software at an alternate location you own/control. A hybrid of infrastructure combining pieces you own with other publicly available resources such as Amazon, Google and/or Microsoft (to name a few). Utilization of a service that maintains all aspects (software, hardware, manpower, facilities) of your DR posture. To include installation, adds/moves/changes, environment maintenance, help with temporary server spin-up and data (infrastructure) recovery. I believe that DR is necessary for every business. And that most organizations are doing it to some degree. Even if it's paper files in a fire proof sa..