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ABOUT: AE Home Health Billing was first instituted for the purpose of home health billing and has now since incorporated bookkeeping and billing services for all types of business. We are dedicated to bringing you the service you deserve and provide you with the best guided information as to how direct you..
TITLE: AE Home Health Billing
SUMMARY: Small Business Outsourcing | Time And Money Well Spent. What do you think of when you hear the term "small business outsourcing"? When most people hear of outsourcing they think of sending work overseas. However more and more businesses, especially small businesses are outsourcing locally to lighten the work load and save time and money. Small Business Outsourcing By sending work related functions to other sources it not only lightens the load but can free up other associates to work on other highly needed tasks. Not to mention the efficiency of the work being performed by the outsourcing company is more than likely going to exceed what is expected and produced by internal associates because of the main focus and expertise of the outsourcing company is usually that specific function of what they were hired for. Please contact us for an interview or for any questions you may have. AE Billing and Accounting Solutions 3550 W Peterson Ave Suite 300 Chicago, IL 60659 Phone: 773 754-4311 Fax..