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ABOUT: With the introduction of the first brassier, a lot changed in the way the women dressed. It taught them to embrace their sexuality and be more sure and confident about themselves. Now, the market is filled with numerous types of bra, which only carry forward the message with which it all started. Ea..
TITLE: Overs
SUMMARY: There are many articles dedicated to fashion trends: trends for men or women, trends for kids and even for dogs. What about teens? Try to do a web search and you will see that finding nice guidelines about teen fashion trends is not as easy as it may seem. Why is it this way? The reason for this lack of information is teen fashion being more complicated than any other. Teenagers are fighting against society; they put a lot of effort to be different, but they also invent new trends and fashion styles.The latest trend is EMO (emotional) style. EMO style is definitely for those who adore bright colors. Green, pink, red, yellow matched with black will undoubtedly make you noticeable. If you are into this style, you must have an appropriate hairdo: Zelda hairdo for girls and jet black mop top for boys. Pencil or at least cigarette-shaped jeans with studded belt is also a must-have..