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G.I.X. Score
ABOUT: performances or face-melting cinematic bravado. Our team is constantly on the search for the next big thing, be it exploding food dishes, one-take wonders or generating catchphrases heard across the country.
TITLE: Lucky Bean Media
SUMMARY: Filling up the parking lot at our Greenside locale is a motley crew of talented directors and producers. Creativity oozes through our skins, which means we need a big cleaning staff. Here are the main ringleaders: Donald Clarke Chris Green Unathi Msengana Candice Tennant. Donald Clarke is the Beeg Kahoona of reality television in South Africa. He has collected war stories from blockbuster international formats such as Survivor, Fear Factor, MasterChef and So You Think You Can Dance. A perfect mix of creative exuberance and grizzled experience, Donald loves wrapping ordinary people in the halo of Hollywood style spectacle and obsesses about magic moments that move an ordinary cinematic moment from mediocrity to perfection. Award-winning director Chris Green finds his inspiration in the big idea. From a country-wide search for signage to spell out the national anthem, to creating title sequence food explosions, Chris' approach is to encase this big idea in a believable setting and allow ..