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SUMMARY: Security is an investment which, if managed correctly, will contribute to the company's bottom line. It was on this premise that African Renaissance Security Services was founded in 1995 to provide complete Solutions orientated security, which would ensure Clients' assets are secured and profits better protected. African Renaissance was established because of the necessity to help the fight against escalating crime. As a preliminary operation, African Renaissance in sensitive to honest law abiding citizens and recognizes the need to exist safely in a crime free society. The company is dedicated to provide the best possible service to the entire make use of our various services and will do our utmost to ensure the this aim is achieved. Today, our greatest asset is our people, who trough dedication and commitment, strive to meet the varied and demanding requirements of Clients. African Renaissance support and respect our Client values and needs. The company ensures that the full range of flexible approaches will be made and will adapt with ongoing sensitivity to the changing needs of our Clients. The company's main objective is to the Client, to be honest, punctual and to respect the views of other. We are committed to our tasks and will always be flexible. African Renaissance will, through dedication and perseverance, continue to be the: Black leading company in the security industry, supplying a full range of products and services by means of a flexible approach, Ensure that we are equipped to meet the Clients. changing needs, Continue to invest in the training of security officers and to keep up with the technologies being introduced, thus ensuring that our Clients receive superior services and products, Continue to invest in the training of security officers and to keep up with the technologies being introduced, thus ensuring our Clients receive superior and products; and. To build a long, trusting relationship through out ability to provide added valued services, thereby cementing the trust of our Clients. To comply with services requirements, the company is committed to: Determined to provide unmatched, cost effective service levels and to foster long term relationships with our Client. Dedication to maintaining professional standards in the security industry. Commitment to our people and value them as our most important asset. Passionate about honesty, reliability and enthusiasm. Actively pursue trusting relationships with the Client and staff. Eliminate poor performance at all levels, whilst recognizing outstanding performances. Proper communication between the Client and i.e. company is essential to create cost effective security. African Renaissance security strongly advocates to joint partnership approach to security.