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ABOUT: Entrepeneur. Owned and operated start-up corporations involved with manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and marketing of both products and services... California, Nevada and Arizona Real Estate Broker involved with marketing luxury resort properties through out the Southwest and Baja California f..
SUMMARY: Napoleon Hill's 'Magic Key to Success' is improved! Is your mind racing a mile a minute like a fast ball in a racquetball court, bouncing off the walls? Do you have difficulties in reaching your goals or following your dreams? Are you easily distracted or have a short attention span? Most people do. And the main reason is, they lack the ability to be focused with unwavering concentration. When starting a new pursuit, most people procrastinate; get side tracked or just plain quit, instead of persevering with self determination. Learn from the book, How to Have Concentrated Visualization ; Be Focused for Success, in 90 Days or Less. The majority of people using this technique learn to be focused within 30 to 60 days, because it is fast and easy to do. It has been featured in Selling Power and Success magazines. The program takes very little time and will increase your motivation and mental clarity. It definitely helps anyone who is easily sidetracked and can not stay focused; whose mind ..