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TITLE: Armin
SUMMARY: When Armin Cruz was promoted as Officer, Banking Center Manager (BCM, he was tasked to integrate cross-functional sales routines, operations management, as well as drive associate and customer delight. He was also challenged with the center's performance rating, ranking worst in the market. Armin Cruz's primary goal to the team was to be in top 5 within 6 months. The first responsibility that he employed is the trusted techniques in various books, leadership teachers, and mentors from within the company. Armin initially developed a gap report, SWOT analysis, and mentorship program to identify, define, measure, and close the performance gaps. Because of this process, Armin stimulated a non-performing center into a one of the best centers in less than 180 days. They achieved the top three overall ranks in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as well as the team excelled in sales - grabbing the top spot in the market, a component of the greater metroplex. Furthermore, Armin's leadershi..