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ABOUT: We are located in London and South East area and offer wide range of services to broadcast and postproduction industry. Among our audio services we also offer solutions for digital broadcast master files to meet EBU R128 standard of -23 LUFS within EBU allowed precision of ±1.0 LUFS... One off con..
SUMMARY: Audio conversions to -23LUFS EBU R128 and video services for broadcast. Skip site navigation and move to main content of page. EBU R128 or European Broadcasting Union Recommendation R128 of August 2011 is a set of rules regarding loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals during broadcast. During their study EBU found that regular volume normalisation rules using peak signal measurements failed to assure audibly equal levels of volume between blocks of programming and viewers still complained about sudden changes in loudness while watching programmes, adverts, trailers or when switching from channel to channel even if all channels technically comply with current regulations (usually using maximum allowed peak limit of -10dB). Additionally, because audio in movies or live programming usually has relatively wide dynamic range - some parts are quieter, some parts are louder, with considerable lengths of silence or just background music between them, many advertise..