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ABOUT: During one of the biggest economic downturns in modern history the finance industry has itself been on the edge. We look at the latest financial news from around the world and stay on top of the latest economic events affecting the financial markets bringing you the latest economy, finance and busin..
SUMMARY: Cases of people accused of evading the £145.50 fee accounted for in excess of one in 10 of all criminal prosecutions last year - with 155,000 convicted and fined. My user base, the very discriminating 18-35 year old Londoner, is simply going to press ‘delete’ if they feel I’m trying to push them towards spending money too quickly. £4.8M TO POUR INTO POTHOLES: Extra cash on way from Government. Give us a fair Budget tax break, pleads Wetherspoon. The group's same-floorspace sales, stripping out openings currently running at a rate of about 40 a year, rose 5.2 per cent. Food sales continued to set the pace, up 10.5 per cent including strong breakfast sales, while bar turnover increased 3.6 per cent. Bank bonuses could be clawed back up to six years later under proposed rules. If there is major misconduct or failure of risk management, top executives not directly responsible for the decisions but who set strategy and culture will be held responsible. The rule means bank bosses who p..