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ABOUT: Our service centres are domestically managed and serve as an operations center for our marketing representatives, customer service representatives, and mobile mechanics. Our trained staff will be personally handling your Windshield Repair claim rather than some nameless operator working in a giant c..
TITLE: Dana Point CA
SUMMARY: "Fixing a tiny chip now can save you the effort and value of replacing the entire windshield later.". The windshield replacement tech was extremely pro. He went over and above his commitments to make sure I was a satisfied buyer. He probably did a good job. He was very pro and polite. We will actually be recommending your company to our pals and family. A rock hit my windshield! Crack! I was livid but after I called my insurer they gave me the number. I called, scheduled an appointment. The tech showed up on time.He convinced me that the window was repairable. He was well-trained and knew what he was doing. In almost no time I was back to normal. I am fully pleased with the service and professionalism of the tech and this company! I'll use them again! Not all windshield cracks are made equal. Your windshield damage may need a full replacement or might be fixed by a straightforward windshield repair. Auto Glass Repair Is a convenient, cheap way to fix minor cracks and chips in your car'..