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TITLE: ClevelandSaintsFootball
SUMMARY: Our goal is to perhaps see one of our players or cheerleaders become involved in the sport on a professional level. In order to make this happen, we rely on donations and sponsorships. Please review our Media Kit and choose the level of sponsorship that matches your company's interest and abilities...
The Cleveland Saints is a semi pro football team based in Cleveland, Ohio. We have applied for non-profit status with the State of Ohio and our 501(c)(3) certification for tax purposes. The Cleveland Saints Football Team consists of young men from the area who love the game and make a commitment to support the amateur football efforts in the area. These men are unpaid, choosing to volunteer their time, and are themselves equally responsible for raising money to help the sustain the team.Sponsorships and advertising are our only means of support, we are not funded by any organization or entity...
We work in liaiso n with the Cleveland Po lice Athletic (PAL) League's Pee Wee Football and ..