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TITLE: Furry Blue Company
SUMMARY: tsoreturn What went wrong with TSOR? Several things, believe or not. Aside from the fact that no actual research into how Sims 1/Online worked was done, the leader, Ghost, made one fatal, yet greedy, mistake. He asked for "donations". Donations themselves aren't bad. They're used to get around needing money for support in an non-profit situations. The problem with TSOR is these donations only purpose was to grant early access into the game. If you blow the smoke screen away, that's basically like ordering an Minecraft account. Projects like these are not allowed to do this, since it's basically making money off of other people's work - in this case, Sims Online's assets. simanatics-logo Project Dollhouse, NioTSO, and New Sims Online do not do this. While donations will eventually be needed, they aren't required to play the game, and will go towards server uptime. This is fair. What's both unfair and insulting is EA's and the industries double standards. We're not allowed to sell their ..