ABOUT: Our goal remains to work effectively in this changing climate, maintaining the quality of education and marching ahead with time... The main objective of the school is to promote quality education in Fatehpur-Pundri and the surrounding rural area. The motto of the school is "Shradha, Gian and Karma..
TITLE: Guru Brahmanand Sr. Sec. Public School
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SUMMARY: Guru Brahmanand Senior Secondary Public School,Fatehpur-Pundri is a pioneer institute catering to the needs of almost 50 surrounding villages. Ever since its launch in the year 2004 the school has....... read more. "To Nurture and shape the young seedlings planted on the garden of Guru Brahmanand School so as to make them responsible citizens of the society. To make them the source of light & inspiration". To lay a strong foundation for the children & making them life long learners. To create an environment of self motivated learning and develop learners as multiple voice selves and to equip them with life skills. Igniting in them the fire to explore & unlearn to become the reaper of life thus enriching them with a moral sense of well being for a thoughtful society of tomorrow. We have all necessary amenities installed at our school that are essential to modern education. These include following: The importance of extra Co-curricular activities in overall development of child is well appreciated at G.B.S.S.P.S. The school provides adequate infrastructure and opportunities to the students to actively participate in following activities. Outdoor Games - Athletics, Football, Volleyball, cricket etc... We welcome to our team at Guru Brahmanand Sr. Sec. Public School. It began as tiny tickle but has gradually grown into a gushing river. We all are prepared to.......

Ch. Tejvir Singh, Chairman; Founder

S. Harinder Singh, Treasurer