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TITLE: Thai Marlai
SUMMARY: Thai Marlai welcomes you to Thai food. Thai food has become the most popular exotic cuisine in the world. Thai Marlai is dedicated to the presentation of authentic Thai cooking. Our one compromise is the amount of spice used in the dishes. Since everyone has different limits, we offer this guide: Mild (One Star) - Medium (Two Star) - Hot (Three Stars) Thai Native. Or please ask for the spice tray. We do not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). For our vegetarian friends, all dishes with the number underlined can be prepared as vegetarian. Sauces only of a vegetable nature are used to prepare your food. Please tell your server if you have any special requirements. Thank you for dining with us at the Thai Marlai, we hope you enjoy your Thai dining experience. Copyright 2007 by DataSolInc Terms Of Use Privacy Statement.
19700 One Norman Blvd. Cornelius, NC