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ABOUT: Amjo Corp is a distributor of many products most of which are related to the healthcare field. We offer lights for seasonal affective disorder, UV lights for personal tanning, specialized UV lights for the treatment of several skin challenges such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and several others.....
SUMMARY: Stroke Rehab System for cva stroke recovery called Biomove 3000. Brain Attack / Stroke Rehabilitation at Home Home | Questions | Customer Service | Contact | Disclaimer |. Offered by: Amjo Corp, the company with the sunny disposition! The Biomove 3000 muscle rehabilitation system for home use following stroke stimulates weakened or paralyzed muscles. Stroke rehabilitation and stroke recovery with post-stroke treatment for paralyzed muscles is now possible with the advanced training device Biomove 3000. It is specially developed for home therapy after stroke. Following a brain attack or stroke, The system is able to detect extremely small electrical EMG signals that persist in paralyzed muscles after a stroke. These tiny signals are used to initiate an electrical stimulation impulse to the same muscles, resulting in actual muscle movement! Click here for our Product Page: Regain muscle control of paralyzed muscles after stroke. This form of brain attack rehabilitation or stroke rehabili..