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ABOUT: If you have safety-sensitive employees who are subject to DOT testing including, random drug tests, pre-employment drug tests or post-accident drug tests, we can help. In addition, if you manage a DOT drug and alcohol testing program, we can assist with record keeping and data collection... If you ..
SUMMARY: Whether your company is looking for full-service, collection only or onsite testing, we are your LAB Re-Source! Mobile on-site employee drug testing available. On average it can take 2.5 hours for an employee to travel to a lab and get tested. We take away the extra expenses and lost productivity by providing convenient on-site drug testing right at your workplace. Our highly trained mobile drug screening specialists will collect multiple samples for testing while on-site. National Affiliate Labs We work with these national drug testing labs. In addition to offering on-site drug testing services, we are able to provide services to you through national labs such as Quest Diagnostics, or another lab of your choice. We can customize our drug testing service to meet your needs. Click here for Dawsonville, Georgia location: Anderson Family Medicine. Georgia D.O.T. drug testing compliance made simple We help businesses of all size in North Georgia maintain a drug free workplace and keep in c..