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ABOUT: NeGACSC is an innovative approach for efficiently providing critical career services to unemployed workers in non-metro areas. Existing services focus mainly on traditional job search techniques. We focus on emotional, peer and family support to reduce the emigration of professional skills and devel..
SUMMARY: A community service that assists underemployed professionals. We are a support group for the unemployed in the NE Georgia area. We meet monthly in Jefferson, Ga. (Jackson County). We are a Non Profit Organization that was formed in August 2009. Our mission is to offer moral and emotional support to individuals who are unemployed. We also offer work shops to help the unemployed improve their job-hunting skills. We are in the process of growing our organization but at this time in our development we are not offering any outplacement service nor do we have any paid jobs available but we do offer lots of moral support and a place to learn about new job-hunting skills. We offer a place to meet friends who are going thru the same things that you may be experiencing. We share our stories and experiences with each other and gain knowledge on handling different challenges in life. Some of us have been unemployed for over three years. It can be difficult to deal with such a life-changing situati..