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ABOUT: Tuesday evening we ventured out to take a look at the wildfire that had entered our beautiful city. We wanted to share the impact and emotions of this disaster with you.Our heart goes out to all the evacuees, Firefighters and military. As of yesterday the wildfire has grown to 18.500 acres with nume..
TITLE: Supreme Court
SUMMARY: Writer Jonah Keri squeezes The Extra 2% from Tampa Bay Rays! (2011 Video Interview). Rays fans! If you missed this fascinating behind the scenes book about Tampa Bay's beloved - if under attended - ball club, it's not to late to read it and watch my video interview with author Jonah Keri! added by: andelman. Michelle Aldrich: Cancer Free Because of Cannabis Oil. Michelle thought she was just coming down with the flu, but the chest x-rays revealed much more - pneumonia, and a tumor. On January 12th, 2012, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Michelle has been a cannabis activist for over 40 years, so her course of action was certain, cannabis oil. Michelle is a member of the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force. She is on the Advisory Board for Patients Out of Time and, along with her husband Michael, are recipients of the High Times Lifetime Achievement Award. Interview conducted at the Seventh Nation..