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SUMMARY: images22 The name "Harajuku boys" has been used by magazines and include digital publications or internet and now, English-language media is also use Harajuku as one of subject to explain boys that dressed in a fashion style in the district of Harajuku, Japan.'. Similar to Harajuku women, Harajuku boys was made world-known because of Gwen Stefani. This style infuses freedom of expression and styles to create a different form of hair style and also clothes. If Kogal, Gyaru, Kawaii, Lolita or Himegyaru favorite in Harajuku females, then there are many fashion that favorite for boys in Harajuku fashion. This article is going to give you an info and a quick guide to Harajuku trend for you as one of Harajuku boys. Why don't we check some of Harajuku trend for boys like you. This list includes Harajuku fashion like Gothic, Cosplay, Visual kei and more. Do you love dark and stylish? If so Gothic lifestyle in Harajuku style can be the ideal fashion for you. The Goth song scene started in the early 1980s and became into a life-style in arround the world. This style inspired by dark, architecture and art. For reason that, Goth is not just a look, it is a lifestyle in Harajuku Japanese fashion. Gothic in Harajuku trends tend to dress in dramatic outfits styles and apply unique hairstyles meant to shock society, but mostly intended to show their sense of nonconformity plus freedom of expression in fashion. You may serious for wear Goth outfits, of course you can easily start it. Wear dark-colored gown include accessories like dark-colored boots and hat. Styling your wild hair and get a messy look with dark color like dark red or black. Most Harajuku players will start pale make-up when work with in Gothic lifestyle, so paint your face. Use heavy dark-colored and thick eyeliner along with black lipstick and dark purple as your make-up. Visual Kei has influenced Harajuku trend that refers to a movement among Japanese rock band by the use of eccentric costumes, unique hairstyle and usually involves striking make-up. Visual kei or V-kei has become a style of appearance for Japan and global youth. Of course, one of best style for teens boys in Harajuku style. There is no standard fashion of Visual kei, just remember is create the style you desire like your favourite musician. One example is, Harajuku boys in Asia join in Visual kei culture with take the fashion of Hizaki, one of Versailles members. Before diving into it, you must first be familiar with Visual kei. Try to download songs from Japan rock bands like The GazettE, Versailles, X Japan, Vivid and more. Learn about how to dress them, include make-up, hair style and also accessories. "Costume play" or Cosplay is next Harajuku trend for boys like you. Cosplay dress up as a character, whatever Animation or Anime, Comic, Manga, Western films and also video games. Choose what character to cosplay, of course, select you favorite character. For example, Bleach character, Ichigo or Byaku or One piece Character li..