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ABOUT: We have experience in preparing corporate performance measures, scorecards and supporting information technology applications... Developing financial models and evaluating marginal or embedded costs is a staple of effective business management. We can help in this area.
TITLE: Vancouver Consulting Group
SUMMARY: Energy, sustainability and corporate management expertise make The Vancouver Consulting Group relevant to all businesses. The intense focus on our environment today, along with a need to compete in all dimensions of business, make our experience and expertise highly relevant. The Vancouver Consulting Group has a deep knowledge of energy issues. We can support integrated resource planning, clean and renewable resource options assessment, wind integration studies, load forecasting and energy conservation efforts. We have strong knowledge of corporate functions including strategic situation assessment, strategic planning, performance measurement, risk management and general business practices. Combining our energy and corporate knowledge allows us to be well positioned in today's world. A consulting firm in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada delivering energy, sustainability and corporate management expertise with a focus on excellence.
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