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ABOUT: As I mentioned at the start, this is just a brief guide on the methods of SEO. It is a lot more in depth than this, and each company has their own way of working. Basically though, you will be boosting the reputation of your website through a combination of good content and quality links (both relat..
TITLE: Molchester
SUMMARY: It doesn't matter whether you are engaging in SEO in London or SEO in Liverpool, the process is going to remain exactly the same. The process of Search Engine Optimisation is something I want to highlight to you on this page. I won't go into a lot of depth (that would take up a good couple of books!), but the information you find here should give you a fairly good understanding on the work behind the scenes that your selected SEO Company is going to be doing. Firstly, the whole process starts with the selection of your keywords. In case you are unaware, it is the keywords that people will type into the search engines in order to find your website. A number of things will be considered here including: 1. Keyword relates to something your company offers. 2. 'Buying' Keyword (i.e. when somebody types this into the search engines, they are looking to buy as opposed to finding out more information. 3. Easy to rank for. This means that competition is low for that keyword. However, there must..