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ABOUT: We are the group of highly qualified doctors specialized in different fields. Our doctors are having vast experience in their fields nationally and internationally. We provide medical services to the patients globally. The use of technology by experienced medical professionally enhancing patient car..
TITLE: www.elitemedtourism.com
SUMMARY: Cost Comparison - India Vs United States Of America (USA). Significant cost differences exist between U.K. and India. Worldwide, the Standardization of Healthcare Delivery System has become the focus. In India health care delivery system has. In first stage we receive the patient's history, medical reports, diagnosis, etc., from their country and medical advised if any. The survey and static shows that the medical tourism market in India has been expected to grow to around Rs. 11, 000 CR by the next couple of years approx till 2012-13. Every year thousand of visitors are coming to India from around the world just for the medical check up and various type of surgery. Variety of treatments is available in India like Cardiac Surgery, Bone Mone marrow transplant, Liver transplant, Orthopaedic surgery etc. Many people from the developed world come to India for the rejuvenation promised by yoga and Ayurvedic massage. Cost of key health care treatment is upto 30% low and cheapest in entire So..