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ABOUT: Our company is India based yet we have our tentacles spread over the world. As a well established SaaS company, Ari Informatics can boast of a lineup of different international products which are developed with information as a core mission. Notable of our achievements in the production line is Heal..
TITLE: Ari Informatics
SUMMARY: In an ever dynamic world, getting access to relevant and the most recent information is vital to your survival and success regardless of what you do. Often times, it is discovered that this much sought after and highly needed information is not readily available and many have ended up doing the right things wrongly. Before information can be consumed and be meaningful to you and your business, it needs to be well presented in a format you will understand and same is true for other people. With informatics, information access and use becomes easy-peasy! Informatics is the science of processing data for storage and its retrieval at the time of use. This in other words can be referred to as information science. Our company Ari Informatics is strongly positioned to deliver usable information to people all around the globe which not only makes life a whole lot easier for them but also adds to their bottom-line in business. For a long time now, we have come to the realization that informatio..