ABOUT: A family owned business, Western Pre-mix is committed to delivering the best quality products, as well as optimum customer service... Western Pre-mix specialises in providing quality premix concrete products to commercial and residential customers in the Geelong region including Lara, Little River,..
TITLE: Western Premix
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SUMMARY: Western Pre-mix delivers quality premix concrete to residential and commercial customers throughout the Geelong region. Known as Geelong's mini mix cement DIY specialists, Western Pre-mix will work with you to ensure your project goes smoothly with little fuss. No job is too small. Western Pre-mix has Geelong mini mix concrete trucks and larger trucks delivering pre mix concrete to sites throughout the Geelong region every day. We service all of Geelong as well as Lara, Little River, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. By using concrete from Western Pre-mix, you can be assured of its quality. We only buy from reputable suppliers who ensure each batch fulfills all industry standards to ensure the integrity of your structure. Contact Western Pre-mix today about small mini mix concrete deliveries or larger trucks for jobs that need significant quantities of pre mix concrete. Learn more about Western Pre-mix in About Us and let us answer your questions in our FAQs. Contact Western Pre-mix for a free quote today. Contact us via requestaquote@westernpremix.com.au email or phone 0439 578 113.

PO Box 830, Geelong VIC 3220