ABOUT: AX World is a community for AX users and developers to share problems and solutions to AX problems... AX World the social networking website from Solugenix
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SUMMARY: AX World - Where the Microsoft Dynamics AX world meets. AX World connects people interacting with MS Dynamics AX in various roles- professionals, end users, AX administrators, etc. - so that they are "on the same page" as they deal with AX problems easily, effectively and efficiently. Use our AXER tool to search for a resolution to an error. Submit an error to our AXER team for getting quick and effective resolutions. Submit an error with resolution to be posted on the AXER site under your name. Benefit by interacting with a like-minded community. Why do I keep getting errors in AX? What do they mean, anyway? What am I supposed to do about them? Are you paying hefty amounts for AX support to solve your daily problems and still not getting any resolution? AXER is an acronym for AX Error Resolver. You can use it to find the resolution for errors that occur in the daily tasks that you perform in AX. Easy and simple to use, AXER provides steps to reproduce the error and describes how to solve it. It makes your life easy and allows you to stay cool even when you see the nasty errors on your AX screen. Just log onto AXER and get the exact answer. To err is human, to find out what the error means, use AXER. The use of AX World website as well as all AX data is subject to the Solugenix Simple Open License. To submit your site for inclusion in our quick links click here. Copyright © 2009 All rights Reserved.

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